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This blog explores what musicians can learn from other artistic disciplines, other musicians, and psychology about being gripping story-tellers, efficient practicers, and healthy people.

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Types of Posts

Book Club:

There is already an incredible amount of scientific information available to us, but not part of our formal training about how to learn efficiently and how to be healthy but elite performers.

Like a virtual book club, these posts explore books on performing or learning written by experts but with questions, discussions, and summaries. They are designed to help you decide if a book gives you what you are looking for and a guide to considering applications for actual practice.

Creative Friends:

There is much we can learn from our Friends in other disciplines from dancers to singers to actors about how to approach art, how to resonate, how to portray character and more. These posts explore techniques and concepts we can borrow from our talented colleagues in other fields.


Posts about performance psychology, practice technique, or well-being not based on only one novel. Usually based on multiple books, journal articles, textbooks, and more.

What to read first

Is psychology reading for you?

Yes! Just like we learn how to play our instruments from experts who have studied technique we can learn from experts who study learning and performing on demand. Here is an intro into what we learn from psychology as elite performers and learners.

 Read: Yes, You Have What it Takes To Be A Musician! (an introduction to talent and learning)

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