Jessica as a Teacher

With a background in psychology as well as clarinet performance, Jessica teaches her students not only how the clarinet works, but how to learn correctly and efficiently on their own.  Most importantly, she guides students in balancing working hard on their skills and enjoying the process of learning and performing. She knows that every student has the potential to succeed and teaches her students that every skill for every field is absolutely learnable. Whether a student wants to have fun in band class, make all-county, become a professional musician, or any combination of those, the process of improving is the same, and Jessica is excited to help learners on their journeys.

Lessons are available virtually via zoom either as a one-time check-in for a specific topic or regular lessons throughout the month.

Please contact jessicapollackclarinet@gmail.com with any questions or for a lesson information packet.

Workshops are and masterclasses are also available on clarinet, psychology, and mentally healthy practice habits.


Jessica’s doctoral work focused on performance psychology and effective music pedagogy. She aims to use this information to help musicians have healthier, happier, and more productive learning experiences.

She also thinks it’s important that learning an instrument is fun and involves music the student loves. Jessica loves pop songs and makes free tutorials on how to play them on the clarinet while also talking about scales, tone production, technique, form, and other important clarinet staples.

Look for your favorite song or scale here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKapsy5gg5s&list=PLnobc4eE9raxthL7KgVOftEY6FVU_R6R5

Teaching experience includes:

  • Florida State University Graduate Assistant teaching private lessons and studio classes
  • Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra sectionals for all levels
  • Bowling Green High School and Anthony Wayne Middle School private, group, and marching instruction
  • Bowling Green State University Music Plus Program, including lessons, improvisation, composition, and keyboard skills
  • Eau Gallie High School Marching Band and Satellite High School Orchestra Camp
  • In addition to musical instruction, she has been a tutor in a variety of subjects for 4th grade-college level students under Club-Z tutoring.

Learning requires the same process whether you want to master music, math, languages, sports, or any other skill. Jessica loves that her educational background and her experience teaching a variety of students and topics have informed her abilities as a performer, student, and teacher.

Why lessons?

The model for learning is the same for every skill.

Essentially, it looks like this:

  1. Knowing what “correct” looks like
  2. Being able to tell what is different (and the same) between what you have and what you defined as “correct”
  3. Identifying what is preventing you from reaching“correct”
  4. Knowing exactly how to change what is preventing you from being “correct”

This model looks simple and straightforward. In practice, there is lots of hypothesizing and experimenting. This can be simultaneously difficult and complex, as well as interesting and creative. You, as a human full of creative potential, can go through this model on your own, but the great thing is that you don’t have to! Having a teacher to guide you through how to improve makes the process much less stressful but also more efficient, productive, and enjoyable.

The fun thing about music and art, is that there can be many versions of “correct.” Creating your version of “correct” involves finding a clarinet sound you enjoy and conveying a musical or emotional idea to your audience by using great technique. As part of this process, teacher and student work together to form the student’s idea of “correct” by investigating how the clarinet works and experimenting with musical phrasing and then testing different techniques and processes for reaching that ideal.

Even if you decide Jessica is not the right match for you as a student, she is adamant that the feedback of a good teacher is vital for anyone hoping to be great at a complex skill like music.

To learn more about Jessica’s perspective on learning and psychology of her students, or if you are concerned about your abilities as a student, check out this article on talent and the psychology of learning from her Curious Creative Blog. Jessica’s teaching philosophy and the model above come directly from the books she has read on learning, psychology, and performance including “Peak” by Anders Ericsson and other books discussed in the blog.

To hear more about lessons, email Jessica at:


Other Resources:

If you are a student or teacher who wants to know more about learning or why I am adamant everyone can learn, here are some of my favorite resources







To contact Jessica about teaching or playing, email: jessicapollackclarinet@gmail.com

Jessica is based in Satellite Beach and Tallahassee, FL. She primarily teaches lessons over zoom and welcomes inquiries from students anywhere.