Part of Me is Water

The show presents 7 carefully curated works for clarinet by living composers and premieres 8 poems written by Jessica. All the poems were inspired by the musical works and designed to enhance each individual composer’s intention as well as tell a cohesive story of trauma and resilience.

Premiered November 14, 2022, 7:30 pm, Dohnanyi Recital Hall at 122. N Copeland


Musical Program:

Part of Me is Water is an hour-long performance by interweaving contemporary classical repertoire with readings of original poems written for this project by Pollack. Together, the poetry and music form a narrative arc, exploring themes of trauma, loss, and resilience through the lens of Pollack’s own struggle with performance-related injury and mental health.

In the show, water fluidly moves through different identities, representing anxiety and depression, self-concept, love, and other deeply personal ways of experiencing the world. Each musical work offers a unique perspective on water or the messages water represent in the show. Each poem was influenced by the surrounding musical works, as well as designed to enhance the listener’s experience with each composer’s piece. The show offers a way through emotional turmoil, reminding us that at the heart of any story on pain is resilience.

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Click here to preview a poetry excerpt. 

Interview with WSFU Radio on “Part of Me is Water”

Original Air Date: Friday November 11, 2022
Host: Stephanie Pieczynski
Recording Engineer: Taylor Cox

Listen to Poem IV at 7:50; Fear a Bhata at 9:59

Listen to hands at 19:15, Poem VI at 22:45

Jessica Pollack is a clarinetist and educator based out of Florida.